Propagators Program

Why We Need You

Truly unusual specimen tree varieties and trees with unique genetic footprints cannot be sourced from professional nurseries. Seeds and cuttings must be gathered from other arboreta and plant collecting organizations – or from the wild – and carefully nurtured over multiple growing seasons until they are ready for planting, a process which is impossible for the average city forestry department. The most immediate initial goal for the Propagators Program is the creation of system to smoothly and efficiently engage potential propagators, large and small, providing you with the knowledge and guidance you need to become a long-term growing partner for the Arboretum. Our hope is that an individual nurturing one rare specimen in their backyard for eventual planting as a public street tree will find a place in this program as readily as a large institution propagating dozens of trees.

Quick Start Guide for Propagators


Register yourself or your business as a Newport Arboretum Propagator.


Check out our Tree Wish List.

View a selection of species or cultivars that we would like to add to our citywide arboretum – or suggest a new one!


For a quick start, visit Forest Farm and purchase small, 6″ tube stock for growing on.


Propagators Program Registration Form

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  • Propagators are volunteers who help the Newport Arboretum grow special trees from seeds, cuttings or slips. There is no obligation and the program is free! We alert our Propagators when we have classes or workshops on propagation, or special requests to propagate particular trees. Try growing a tree from seed!

The Newport Arboretum, New England's first citywide arboretum, is a special project of The Newport Tree Society of Newport, Rhode Island.