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The campus-wide Children’s Arboretum at the Pell School is a very special collection of The Newport Arboretum, New England’s first city-wide arboretum. The City of Newport’s Department of Education, the Newport Division of Forestry, and The Newport Arboretum (a special initiative of The Newport Tree Society) joined in partnership to launch this innovative initiative that will provide grammar school students with opportunities for hands-on education and service to their community.

The Newport Arboretum’s Living Collections Committee (a volunteer committee of arborists and horticulturists) and the Pell School Green Team, lead by Scott Wheeler (Newport Tree Warden and Director of Buildings and Grounds) are currently designing a beautiful, functional and educational campus-wide Children’s Arboretum.

The development of the Children’sArboretum will involve the planting of approximately 150 trees, soil remediation work, and the creation of curricula tools to fully integrate the arboretum with the classroom. Although an arboretum is a perpetual work in progress, we expect the initial installation process to take approximately five years, providing students with the opportunity to directly participate in the creation of a resource that will benefit their whole community.

The Newport Arboretum, New England's first citywide arboretum, is a special project of The Newport Tree Society of Newport, Rhode Island.