A Revival of Exploratory Horticulture in Newport

Seedlings arrive from Arnold Arboretum collecting expeditions abroad.

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Sep 16 @ 10am | The Green City: Parks & Pleasure Grounds

Wander with historian John Tschirch from the gardens of Touro Park and the Redwood Library to the picturesque grounds of Kingscote, where art, history and nature combine to make a remarkable cultural landscape.

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City of Arboreta

Newport is home to more accredited arboreta than any other city in the world. Come explore the City of Arboreta...

Click here to learn how your property can become part of the City of Arboreta.

Bellevue House

Frederick Law Olmsted Park and Arboretum



Miramar Arboretum

Newport Mansions Arboretum


Ocean View

Peace Pocket



The Arboretum at Salve Regina

The Chalet

The Whim